Course Description

30/05/2016 Monday - Syntax and Data Structures in R

  • 10AM-1PM - 2PM-6PM

  • This day's hands-on session serves as an introduction to R, covering the following topics:

    • Online sources of information about R;

    • Packages, documentation and help;

    • Basics and syntax of R;

    • Main R data structures: vectors, matrices, data frames, lists and factors;

    • Brief intro to R control-flow via loops and conditionals

31/05/2016 Tuesday - Summary Statistics and Graphics in R

  • 10AM-1PM - 2PM-6PM

  • This day's hands-on session serves as a basic guide on how to use R to:

    • Calculate the most commonly used Summary Statistics (or Descriptive Statistics) measures, namely, the maximum, minimum, mean, median, mode, standard deviation and variance;

    • Data visualization, i.e., using R to graphically explore datasets, using basic plotting functions


REGISTRATION FEES: Student 5€; Academic 25€; Non-academic 50€

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Registration does not include travel and lodging. Faro has an international airport located 4 km from the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve where the course will take place.  

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