Course Description

Good laboratory practices in scientific research using living organisms are a major concern for the credibility of science. In this sense, certification by Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV) is mandatory. Every researcher that uses animal models (vertebrates and cephalopods) for experimentation or other scientific purposes must be certified. The increasing use of aquatic organisms as experimental models justifies the need to provide specific training for those who work or want to work with these animals. The main concern in handling aquatic organisms, similarly to rodents, is to guarantee the animal comfort and welfare. Always in compliance with legal requirements, researchers try full exploitation of these biological resources. The aim of the course is to provide skills to whom work with experimental models, with respect for the animals and for the contribution they provide to research. The course is specifically aimed at the use of aquatic organisms as experimental models, with particular focus on vertebrates. The program of this course is in accordance with the criteria established by the DGAV and Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science (FELASA) for courses in Laboratory Animal Science, category B. The frequency of this course will allow obtaining certification as "Researcher" or "Research Technician" to conduct animal experiments. Researchers that already have a provisional certification and over 5 years’ experience in the use of aquatic vertebrates as experimental models may attend this course. Concluding successfully this course will allow the researcher to apply to DGAV a certification as Research-Coordinator (category C) (persons responsible for directing animal experiments).


The course is comprised of practical exercises preceded by theoretical lectures on given themes regarding the use of animals for experimental purposes. Each theme is given by credited lecturers.

Target Audience

Anyone needing to obtain creditation to work with animals that are currently regulated for experimentation purposes. A background in biological sciences is required.

Scientific Organization

António V. Sykes (CCMAR) and Hugo Santos - (BOGA/CIIMAR)

Advanced Technologies and Training programme @ CCMAR 2016

Marine Sciences in the Algarve
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