Bruce Weir

Professor of Biostatistics, and Director of the Institute of Public Health Genetics at the University of Washington. Bruce Weir is the author of the textbook "Genetic Data Analysis" (3rd edition in preparation) and he has directed the Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics since 1996. 


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A unified treatment for the analysis of discrete genetic data, starting with estimates and sample variances of allele frequencies to illustrate genetic vs statistical sampling and Bayesian approaches. A detailed look at Hardy-Weinberg and linkage disequilibrium, including the use of exact tests with mid-p-values and a new look at X-chromosome Hardy-Weinberg testing. A new characterization of population structure with F-statistics, based on allelic matching within and between populations with individual relationship estimation as a special case. Analyses illustrated with applications to forensic science and association mapping, with particular reference to rare variants.


2-day workshop, lectures and hands-on practical sessions (attendees will need to bring laptops). The course is equivalent to 3 European ECTS credits.


Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR), University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal

The Centre of Marine Sciences (Centro de Ciências do Mar, CCMAR) is an independent multidisciplinary, non-profit institute located on the Gambelas campus of the University of the Algarve in Faro with ~250 members and a mission to promote research and education in the marine sciences.

Faro is the capital city of the Algarve region of southern Portugal and borders the Ria Formosa National Park. The Algarve boasts > 300 days of sun per year, stunning beaches and mountain vistas, opportunities for diving, golf, and other sporting activities, and a unique traditional regional cuisine (esp. seafood). A variety of optional social activities will be organised to coincide with the course and special events can be organised upon request for participants and/or accompanying persons (diving, surf, stand-up paddle, windsurf, kayaking, horse-riding, tennis, bird-watching, nature walks, boat guided tours, fishing, etc).


8th-9th September 2016


PhD students, post-doctoral and advanced researchers (but no formal restriction)

registration fee


Registration does not include travel and lodging. Faro has an international airport located 4 km from the Gambelas Campus of the University of Algarve where the course will take place.  

how to apply

Places still available, please apply to


At least 2 scholarships to cover registration fees will be awarded to PhD students; applicants should indicate if they would like to be considered and must send proof of student status.


Recommended: Hotel Aeromar at Faro beach has temporarily reserved (until 31st May) and discounted 8 double rooms, priced 62.5€ and 80€, double and single occupancy, respectively (mention CCMAR reservation when booking). Additional accommodation at the beach and in Faro centre. A minibus service will run between the beach, town centre, and campus.

Scientific Organization

Ester Serrão - Assistant Professor, UALG/CCMAR -

Rita Castilho - Assistant Professor, UALG/CCMAR

Advanced Technologies and Training programme @ CCMAR 2016

Marine Sciences in the Algarve
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Ria Formosa
The Lagoon
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Algarve coast