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The Centre of Marine Sciences (Centro de Ciências do Mar, CCMAR) is an independent multidisciplinary, non-profit institute located on the Gambelas campus of the University of the Algarve in Faro with ~250 members and a mission to promote research and education in the marine sciences.


2016 Programme




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March - April

Scientific Diving

Diogo Paulo

3rd-26th May (Tues and Thurs evenings)

Scientific Illustration

Jorge Palma

4th-15th April

Revolution VI: Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, modelling, and spatial analysis of society's diversity

Fernando Cánovas-Garcia

13th April

Utilização do peixe zebra como modelo em biomedicina e estudo de patologias humanas

Paulo Gavaia

18th-22nd April

CAL-AQUA Algarve - Laboratory Animal Sciences; Aquatic Organisms

António Sykes and Hugo Santos

27th April

Portuguese Animal Welfare Legislation

António Sykes

12th May

Using zebrafish as a model in biomedicine and the study of human diseases

Paulo Gavaia

16th-27th May

Statistical Inference - revision of basic concepts

Margarida Castro

30th-31st May

R for absolute beginners

Isabel Duarte and Ramiro Magno

14th-17th June

Processos oceanográficos relevantes no oceano regional da Peninsula Iberica e Algarve

Fátima Abrantes and Paulo Relvas

16th-18th June

1st International Training Course On Detection, Evaluation And Mitigation Of Skeletal Deformities In Aquaculture Produced Fish

Paulo Gavaia and Clara Boglione

21th-29th June

Introduction to modelling in biological sciences

Margarida Castro

4th-8th July

CAL-AQUA Algarve - Laboratory Animal Sciences; Aquatic Organisms

António Sykes and Hugo Santos

8th-9th September

Statistical Genetics Workshop (instructor Bruce Weir)

Ester Serrao and Rita Castilho

14th-16th September

Marine Genomics Workshop

Gareth Pearson and Cymon J. Cox

1st October

An Introduction to Electrophysiology

Peter Hubbard and Juan Fuentes

* the working language of a course is indicated by the language in which the title is written
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